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Get a thorough building inspection in Cincinnati 
or Northern Kentucky area

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Regardless of whether you are buying or selling a home or simply want to take a closer look at any issues you may have at your residence, 
Taylor Made Inspections in the Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky areas can provide the building inspection services that you need.
Man doing a building inspection in Cincinnati, OH

Comprehensive inspections

Taylor Made Inspections offers inspections to buyers and sellers in the Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky areas. As a seller, hire us to inspect your property and make recommendations. Buying a house? We'll examine the structure in detail, giving you a full report on what you might want to discuss with the seller in more detail. Our comprehensive building inspection includes: Plumbing, Air Conditioning / Heating, Electrical, Appliances, Roof, Site and Structural Components. A small extra charge is applied for a termite inspection - required by most mortgage companies. A thorough building inspection will provide you with peace of mind in matters of such importance.

Full service inspection - $365
Person doing a building inspection in Cincinnati, OH

Condo inspections

A condominium inspection includes less detail because the exterior & roof are usually covered by the condo association, but is equally important, especially in cases where your property lies adjacent to another. Regardless of whether you will be renting or are trying to buy or sell a condo, our Cincinnati team can assist you. We'll prepare a full property report for you, including plumbing, air conditioning / heating, electrical, windows, doors and appliances so that you can evaluate your choices more easily.

Condo inspection - $285
Couple getting the results of a building inspection in Cincinnati, OH

Special services

Are you searching for a particular type of inspection? Perhaps you are worried about pests, such as termites or mice, or maybe you are concerned about radon or mold? We are licensed and certified to perform nearly every inspection. Contact us for more information and about your options for the right inspection for your property. Taylor Made Inspections offers special building inspections for unique situations. Just let us know what it is that you are looking for and chances are good that we can assist.

Termite inspection - additional $50
Radon testing - $145
Thermal imaging included in every inspection.
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